Thursday, 16 April 2015

Shamefully Late Review for Anthony

I should have had this done weeks ago, but regretfully did not. I think your project was quite well done and largely succeeded at what it set out to do, so writing a review seemed fairly irrelevant. Even still, I'll make a few notes in praise and give you a few recommendations if you decide you want to continue with this project, or perhaps revisit it at some point in the future.

You had a really great catch with the Creative Commons citing – it's definitely an excellent resource and one that more people should be aware of. It helped you skirt some potential legal issues, and I'm sure a few more in the class took note of that particular database.

Having a specific goal for time to read your site is an excellent idea, and you seemed to do a pretty good job keeping things concise enough to stay within those limits. This also let you situate your project as something different from resources already out there, and does so with a hook that should resonate with many people (saving time).

Making videos for your site was pretty ambitious, and I thought they were fairly well done as they were. If you want to build on this site in the future, I would recommend re-recording the audio tracks on these videos, and trying to reduce the verbal fillers or pauses that slipped in to the recording you used. It would look a lot more professional to get rid of those, and would really bump up the quality of your content.

I'd like to see a little more depth on the humanities side of your project, but it is important to consider that many of your readers won't have the kind of background that we do. You mentioned that your site wanted to educate potential agents on how certain sales tactics work with some cultures but not with others, something which I think is particularly interesting from an academic perspective. It might be worthwhile to spend some time trying to expand on this a little bit more, and could possibly help encourage genuine cultural understanding rather than seeming like a way to make an easy sale. I think it's that sort of issue that really lets us put our humanities training to use.

Other than that, I think it was fairly well put together, and not in need of any significant revisions. Good luck!

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